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Please help, I am desperate! Gothic 2

Lesser guilds are available to join with their respective quest lines and unique rewards, endless twists and plots, the atmosphere is captivating, and generally from the moment you start playing the immersion into the Gothic world is instant and the feeling is better than ever.

The Returning 2.0. Anyone play it in English? :: Gothic II: Gold Edition General Discussions

There is pretty heavy chromatic aberration on these screenshots, everything is blurry as fuck, it's the most visible on fonts that have blurry red outline on the left side and blurry blue one on the right side.

Returning 2.0 :: Gothic II: Gold Edition General Discussions

0, L'Hiver edition, or some other nice mods, least you'll have less stress trying to set it up.

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Additionally I checked that I have the right System-pack since I installed Returning 2.

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Copy the Gothic 2 folder and paste it to a different location e.

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Blocking attacks with two-handers became easier and faster, and fighting animation for combat staves is different from two-handed swords.

G2 Returning Marvin Mode? : worldofgothic

Playing a warrior is a bit bothersome, yes, you have to lure enemies one at a time and many have the same AI that can block every attack you make, the only way to damage them is to wait for them to finish a combo and attack once soon after.

Returning 2.0 + Alternative Balancing The supreme experience for Gothic 2 NOTR.

However, you don't have to stick to hardcore playstyle: you can choose to receive 15 or more learning points per level and additional health boost on level-up, as well as decrease monster defense values.

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What i need to do to become one? The player needs to work his way into the harbor town of Khorinis, become an apprentice to a master, join a faction, return to the valley of mines where he has to defeat the dragons, but only after he gets to visit the new add-on world of Jharkendar, join the local pirates there, become an infiltrator to the bandits camp at the behest of the Water mages, and do all kind of endless quests in order to complete the story line, in a way much bigger world than the first game, like twice or more.