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I love you, love the way you move towards me when I enter and the sounds you make! God, each and every day I find new things to love about having him locked in chastity.

I Am Happy Being A Servant To My Wife

Be willing to share in supporting others dressing! Face shots are encouraged, but not necessary! and say "OK" meekly and get up and do it.


After a bit she got a text and responded and was quickly gone.


She she is more assertive than I am and she knows has told me she can twist my arm easily anytime.

Submissive Husband

It also can be rewarding to unwind together by sharing a glass of wine and allow her to vent to you about her day — without really needing your quick response or profound solutions.

The Submissive Male, Part I

I fought to deny myself but it was to no avail and I also realized that it was her wish that I be released so I surrendered once more.

Our Domestic Discipline Rules For Submissive

Spend the money to buy a quality pair of high heels, not only will they last you longer but more importantly save your feet from a lot of pain.

He Says He Wants To Be My Submissive

Be willing to share in supporting others! I took for the first three months also.

Submissive Husband

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40 Steps To Femme Program

I believe one of the things for many men to learn and take-to-heart is the ability to become really good listeners… focused listeners, dedicated listeners.