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I mean, it is just the hottest sweater dress trend on the internet of all time.

[Article] Gravure Idol Jun Amaki Has Finally Tried on Backless Virgin

One delicate cycle later it was ready to wear! 😛 Mine at last arrived 2 weeks ago from Oh, yes I have more than one to share… in due time! Much to my surprise it was actually quite soft and cozy.

Bizarre Virgin Killer jumper meant to 'drive people mad with desire to have sex' goes viral in Japan

It is the cutest cut ever! The first garment sparked anime characters and social media influencers alike to pose wearing it online leaving little to the imagination.
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But now the modern upgrade of the jumper, with the same grey knit wool, has been launched and seen similar baffling success.

[Article] Gravure Idol Jun Amaki Has Finally Tried on Backless Virgin

I felt like an oversexed anime meme come to life… honestly, I could live in this thing from the hours of 10pm to sunrise which happen to be the prime hours of the Katz If you have a lady of your own or are a lady I totally recommend picking up one of these before they go poof and become a distant memory of J-trends past.

[Article] Gravure Idol Jun Amaki Has Finally Tried on Backless Virgin

Whereas the previous version had plenty of cover at the front but left little to the imagination at the back, the new version has a cut out sections all over.

Liz Katz The Virgin Killer Sweater

So keep on scrolling, enjoy, and let me know what you think! 6 The revealing garment has a cut out sections all over Credit: AsiaWire Pictures of Japanese Twitter user FelizNyan modelling the sweater have been shared widely online, with many people saying it was too much for them to handle.
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The moment I got it… I threw it in the wash.

Liz Katz The Virgin Killer Sweater

Some question whether it could still be classified as clothing as there was so little material involved, and another pointed out: "It's only a sweater in the philosophical sense.
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Anyway, I doubt most of you really much care for my review of the article of clothing itself and just want to see me in it.

Liz Katz The Virgin Killer Sweater

As far as wearing it as sexy lounge wear, just a little movement and tugging on my part and WOW, this thing is hot! If I was standing or sitting properly it actually covered my front and bum enough that I would feel comfortable wearing it out to a club or event.